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        • Product Name : Sawtooth Wave Jigger
          Size : ZJT
          Country of Origin : shanghai ,china
          Contact : Adela Li (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
        • Saw-tooth wave series jigger is one of the gravity separation equipment. It is of large capacity, wide range of sorting grain size, simple operation and maintenance, widely used as coarse or fine sorting machine in the beneficiation of gold, tin-tungsten, titanium, hematite, too, coal and other minerals.

          Process of Sawtooth Wave Jigger


          The jigger is one of the devices of the modern gravity separation. For its large capacity and a wide range of sorting particle, simple operation and maintenance, it is widely used as a rough election or selection of sorting gold, tin, tungsten, titanium, hematite, coal and other minerals. Traditional jigger is mostly the circumference eccentric drive jigger, which is not conducive to the loose of jigger bed and the proportion of stratification of mineral particles, which affects the sorting and recovery equipment. Saw-tooth wave series jigger is energy-saving gravity separation equipment developed and improved according to the law of layer theory of jigger bed stratification, and on the basis of traditional jigger. Its pulse curve is as saw-tooth waveform to make rose water faster than the dropped water; enhanced the loose of bed, eased the inhaled role, so that heavy particles in the mineral can fully settlement, greatly improving the sorting capacity and recovery rate of equipment. Its industrial test compared with the sine wave jigger: saw-tooth Jig operating recovery rate is higher than the sine wave by the sn: 3.01%, w: 5.5%, pb: 1.63%, zn: 2.04%; water consumption reduced by 30% -40%, covers reduction by 1/3, and the stroke is adjustable. The performance of Saw-tooth Wave Jig has reached the domestic advanced level, and is one of the ideal devices in energy-saving gravity separation.